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MFP Badges

Main Force Patrol Badges.

Quality replica Mad Max badges -  MFP Badges

MFP Badges

Main Force Patrol Badges.

Quality replica Mad Max badges -  MFP Badges


These are the ducks guts!

Maintain Right Badge

3 colours/ 2 pin types  to choose from


MFP Number Badges

All the Numbers and Custom Order available.


MFP Skills badges

CROSSHAIR - worn by Max, Goose, Charlie  & Fifi

MFPA11 - worn by Roop & Charlie, Sarse & Scuttle 


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MFP BADGES Ambassador

Roger Ward brought to the screen the iconic Aussie legend Fifi McAffee in Mad Max. He continues to Act in new productions and is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Check out his page, http://www.rogerward.org, and his Amazon link where you can get his book, The Set.

Bio -
Born Adelaide, Australia
Occupation Actor
Height 1.91 m
Roger Ward is a pioneer of Australian film and television. Ward grew up in Adelaide. He began his career on stage at the age of twelve. He had acting roles in Mad Max, Number 96, Homicide, Division 4, Stone and The Man From Hong Kong. The one production that caused more controversy than any other, was the groundbreaking Australian film The Set. Written by Ward in the 1960s but not published as a novel until 2011, the film hit the big screens in 1970.
Bad Behaviour (2010) as Voyte
The Mighty Hand of God (short) (2010) as Him
Long Weekend (2008) as Truckie
When Good Ghouls Go Bad (TV movie) (2001) as Cheesy the Clown
The Gift (1997) as Removalist #1
Water Rats (TV series) (1997) as Jim Lockwood
Big Sky (TV series) (1997) as Barney
Rough Diamonds (1995) as Merv Drysdale
Fatal Bond (1993) as Detective Greaves
A Country Practice (TV series) (1988 to 1993) as Pat O' Connor & Inspector Poulos & Stan Plummer
Pirates Island (TV movie) (1991) as Slavemaster
Quigley Down Under (1990) as Brophy
Young Einstein (1988) as Cat Pie Cook
Mission: Impossible (TV series) (1988) as Wilson
Sands of the Bedouin (TV movie) (1988)
Barracuda (TV movie) (1988) as Bill 'The Dentist'
Poor Man's Orange (TV mini-series) (1987) as Mr. Kilroy
Professor Poopsnagle's Steam Zeppelin (TV series) (1986)
Shout! The Story of Johnny O'Keefe (TV movie) (1985) as the Police Sergeant
A Fortunate Life (TV mini-series) (1985) as Martin
Winners (TV series) (1985) as Fergus
Special Squad (TV series) (1984)
The Pirate Movie (1982) as Pirate
Sara Dane (TV movie) (1982)
Turkey Shoot (1982) as Chief Guard Ritter
Brothers (1982) as Cameraman One
Lady Stay Dead (1981) as Officer Clyde Collings
Bellamy (TV series) (1981) as Rafe
I Can Jump Puddles (TV movie) (1981) as Peter McLeod
Young Ramsay (TV series) (1980) as Phil Angel
The Chain Reaction (1980) as Moose
Touch and Go (1980) as Wrestler
Mad Max (1979) as Fifi
Doctor Down Under (TV series) (1979) as Mr. Phillips
Chopper Squad (TV series) (1978) as Security Guard
The Irishman (1978) as Kevin Quilty
No Room to Run (TV movie)(1978) as Delivery Man
Cop Shop (TV series) (1977) as Bailey
High Rolling (1977) as Lol
Death Cheaters (1976) as 1st Police Sergeant

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I used to ship international items untracked for about $10AUD. However, when items go missing in international mail PayPal will refund your money no questions asked and I take the hit. 

Im just a fan trying to do right and give other fans a quality product. So when I get hit like that it hurts. I have only ever had items in the UK, Spain and France go missing. I have had over 70 items go to the USA untracked with no issue.

As a result of having no protections from Paypal with untracked items  I have had to change to TRACKED International shipping. The rates displayed are the cheapest I can get.

If you are really keen on a badge but not the tracking cost contact me. If you pay with credit card I will work but something out but will not be responsible or accountable for untracked items.